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I've been sitting on this domain since early 2004, when a member of the local homebrew club came up with a Hunter S. Thompson-esque theme for the homebrewers' conference we put on that summer. Some more recent club members (and they know who they are) have said I ought to do something new with it, so I figured I'd make it a site for my homebrew-related endeavors. Check back here as more features get added.

To kick off the site, I've whipped up a searchable archive for the Homebrew Digest. The digest has been around for over 20 years and has a considerable wealth of information in its archive, but retrieving messages on a certain topic from the archive has posed a bit of a problem. Some have said that perhaps the judicious use of Google will yield the results you want, but this search returns individual messages that pertain to your search terms instead of entire digests. It also only searches the HBD archive itself, not the homebrew-club websites and other content that the HBD server hosts.

I had a BrewBlogger instance up and running, but it uses a database connector that was deprecated in PHP 5.5 and removed in PHP 7.

I'd also like at some point to put together a web-based homebrew competition management system. It'd allow entrants to register their entries, judges and stewards to sign up, and the organizer and staff to check in entries, allocate entries to judges, and enter scores. I'm thinking of something like HCCP, but web-based and with additional features based on it being a web app. The BJCP links to a Homebrew Competition Registration Wizard, but since it relies on a buggy, broken web browser that doesn't work on Linux or Mac OS X, that's a non-starter for me. (ProMash runs under Wine, but HCCP still needs a Windows install...fortunately, a Windows install running under VMware will suffice.)

Other stuff might turn up here as I get around to it, so stay tuned.

If you're looking for the 2004 AHA NHC website, it's been archived here.

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