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Subject: large fermenters
Date: 1992-02-25 00:11:00 GMT

Does anyone know if it is safe to keep beer in HDPE for a year?
The Cole-Palmer reactivity chart says HDPE has "no effect after 30
days" or something like that for both beer and chlorine water.
I plan to make a 15 gallon batch of pseudo-lambic (including
Brettanomyces and Pediococcus cultures) but since the cultures
are so expensive and the beer takes so long to mature, I want to
make 15 gallons of it. The only reasonably-priced 20 gallon
container I can find is a HDPE bucket with big, molded handles
from Cole-Palmer (~$25). I've considered using my SS keg, but it's
a Heileman's Sankey keg and thus has no handles (just the thought of
lifting it up onto the drier gives me a backache).

I've also considered making three 5 gallon batches side-by-side, but
I anticipate problems splitting the cultures among the three carboys.
On second thought, maybe I *should* make three of the same batch, but
then pitch the culture starters at different times. It only makes sense
that the more sugar I let the Saccaromyces eat, the less there would be
for the Brett and Pedio, so I could try to find the proper SG to
pitch the "other" cultures for the proper amount of their respective

While I'm at it, I might as well ask about 7 gallon carboys. It appears
that my retailer's distributor no longer carries them. Does anyone
know where I can buy some?


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