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From: Lee J. Slezak <slezakl@atlantis.CS.ORST.EDU>
Subject: Yeast in the Secondary for a Framboise?
Date: 1992-02-25 07:55:02 GMT

Hi all:

Currently I have a Framboise in the carboy fermenting away nicely. I
got the recipe out of the cats-meow, anyway it (the recipe) says to add
an additional 10 cups of raspberry puree to the secondary fermentor.
My question is, should I pitch some champagne yeast in with the
secondary and the new raspberries? What would that do? The only
reason that I ask about champagne yeast is because I have heard of
people putting it into the secondary on imperial stouts. So, should I
pitch any type of yeast into the secondary? The recipe doesn't call for
it, but I would think I would want something in the secondary to work
on the new raspberries. Anyway what do you people think? You were
all so helpful with my question about the Hazel-Nuts in the bottles, so
how about this one? Thank you all very much and I will look forward
to hearing from you.

Happy Brewing-

Lee J. Slezak

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