From the HBD Archive
From: "richard t. barrett" <>
Subject: first batch
Date: 1992-02-25 15:17:15 GMT


First I just wanted to thank everyone that sent me info on the '.Z' compressed
Secondly, I would like to discuss my first batch of homebrew and get any commen
ts on the way that I may improve.(Techniques, Ingredients..etc.)
The technique that I used was by taking a can of M&F hopped malt extract(pilsne
r), added it to 1.5 gal of H2O with corn sugar and brought this to a boil for
30-60 min. I then poured the wort into a 7 gal pail with 3.5 gal of cold water
. I let it sit until it cooled to room temp and then put the yeast in.(RED STA
R ALE). I put the lid on with the ferm. lock and let sit for 7 days. afterwar
ds I mixed 3/4 cup dextrose with the 5 gal. batch bottled and let sit for 2 -
2 1/2 weeks. I refrigerated a few bottles and drank. It tasted weak and had a
sweet-sour taste.

It was well carbonated and had a big foamy head. Now if any of you could make
some suggestions about my technique (pros and cons) and maybe diff. yeast and
ingredients, it would be very helpful for my next go 'round.

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