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From: (Norm Pyle)
Subject: Re: Invert sugar et al
Date: 1992-02-25 15:05:55 GMT

Desmond Mottram writes:

>Golden Syrup? Don't you have *any* form of sugar syrup or cane syrup in
>the States? What about Maple syrup, has anyone tried that? It won't taste
>the same, but nor do different brands of golden syrup here.
>As for Demarara Sugar: molasses is *much* stronger flavoured, so you would
>only want tiny amounts, 4oz or less, plus white sugar to make up the weight.
>We have several varieties of brown sugar here, ranging from very light and
>mild to very dark and strong flavoured. Line does not make it clear which
>to use so experimentation is necessary, but that's part of the fun :-)

Actually, there are many types and flavors of sugars and syrups here (read:
we're not *totally* uncivilized) 8-). I can think of about a half dozen
different types of dark and light sugars and syrups, but I don't know how
they relate to Golden and Demarara. To quote an old movie: "What we have
here, is a failure to communicate".


Perhaps a supplement explaining what ingredients to substitute, unless
someone *wants* to try to re-duplicate all known British beers - could be
fun trying.

You've hit the nail on the head. Ideally, some homebrewer who's lived in both
the UK and the US for a few years would volunteer. Maybe a tall order but
this person could do us all a great service.


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