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Subject: Magic bottling wand
Date: 1992-02-25 16:59:55 GMT

A couple of you were wondering about the use of bottling wands.
Well there's a new magic bottling wand around (at least in my
part of the world). I just used it recently to bottle a couple of
batches and it works like a charm! It works along the lines of
the spring-loaded bottling wand but *without* the spring. The idea
is to let gravity close the valve instead of the force of a spring.

The advantage is that you don't have to keep the tube pressed down
inside the bottle you are filling but just let it rest there ---
the valve will open. In the mean time you can cap the previous bottle
while it's filling. When finished you simply pick up the tube and
VOILA ... gravity closes the valve. If you think there's too much
headspace you simply nudge the valve open on the inside of the bottle's
neck to get a little more beer in there. Another nice thing about
this wand is that it doesn't foam as much as the spring loaded one
and it *doesn't* leak. Also if, in the middle of bottling, you want to
stop the flow for a while (to answer the phone, put out a fire, open
a bottle of homebrew, etc...) just clamp the wand with a clothes pin
so that it rests inside the bottle without touching bottom -- gravity
will close the valve. Now, that's some *gadget*.

**Standard Disclaimer**: NO, I won't be making a million bucks out of
this post; just thought I'd pass on the info. In fact I can't even
remember the name of the dang thing. I'll find out what it's called
and post it later. (BTW It's *not* PHils Philer either).

Paul Yatrou.

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