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From: Bob Jones <>
Subject: CO2, pumps, lemon tastes and frig temps.
Date: 1992-02-25 18:20:00 GMT

I few random answers to recent questions :

Keith Winter ask about the CO2 charts. These pressure/temps are for a
saturated solution. So you apply the specified CO2 at the measured temp
and shake, shake until no more CO2 goes into solution. This gives one
the specified volumes of CO2 desired for a particular style beer. Now
dispensing is a whole different topic, I am still learning in this area.

DRCV006::Graham ask about pumps. I use, and recommend a magnetic
drive pump. These are sold by several manufacturers. Little giant has a
wide range of models for our purposes. Grangers is a good source for a
local distributor.

Jeff Rickel ask about lemon tastes in beer. Most bacteria are acid
producers, Lactobacillus, pediococcus and acetobacter are all acidic acid
producers. I would expect you have a very infected beer. Microscopic
examination or gram staining would identify. Your nose is probably the
best instrument for analysis you have and it worked. Now move on to the
source of the bacterial infection.

A few people have ask about modifying a frig. for better temp control. On
most frigs, you can look closely at the thermostat and find a small hole for
calibrating the thermostat. Pull the knob and look closely. You will see a
small hole with a set screw behind it. Turn this tiny set screw one
direction until the compressor kicks on. Now you know the other direction
is warmer(usually the direction you want). Keep track of your turns(in case
the experiments don't work) and monitor the frig temp everyday until you
get the temp you want. Some thermostats still don't have enough range to
get to the desired temp. In that case you need an external temp control.

Happy Brewing,
Bob Jones

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