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From: rich@bedford.progress.COM (Rich Lenihan)
Subject: Another blow-off question / digital thermometers?
Date: 1992-02-24 23:08:15 GMT

The recent "to blow-off or not to blow-off" debate has made me wonder if
the answer to this question isn't dependent on the type of yeast being used.
Except for my last batch, I have used a blow-off tube for the last year and
have seen enough improvement in my beer to be a blow-off supporter. Of
course, other variables have changed in that time as well. I recently
purchased a 6.5 gallon carboy and used it for my last batch (no blow-off).
I'll find out if my beer takes a turn for the worse. But back to my theory:
I brew ales, exclusively. Since ale yeast is, by and large, top-fermenting,
wouldn't there be less interaction between the yeast and the trub? Lager
brewers (like Dave Miller) may find it more important to rack the beer off
the trub while ale brewers may find it more beneficial to "skim" off the
krausen via blow-off. Comments?

On another subject: I recently brewed my first partial mash ale. Everything
went fairly smooth except for temperature readings. I found my glass thermo-
meter responded so slowly that I had to estimate when the mash was in the
proper temp. range. Also, the thermometer I have contains mercury, which
is one additive I'd like to keep out of my beer. So, can anyone out
there recommend a good digital thermometer for less than $50 US? Thanks...


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