From the HBD Archive
From: (John Hartman)
Subject: Electric Stoves, Dry Hopping
Date: 1992-02-24 14:34:44 GMT

Electric Stoves--

I've wrapped a packing blanket around my SS boiler while keeping a towel on
the top while boiling. My pot is big enough to cover two burners--a big
one and a little one--on my ordinary electric stove. While bringing worts
to a boil very little heat appears to escape and as a result I routinely
boil ten to twelve gallon batches. I have actually managed to boil FIFTEEN
gallons using this technique. The boiling time for a ten gallon batch is
about thirty minutes if I start with hot mash runoff. Of course the boil
time is reduced by starting the boil early with the initial runnings and then
adding the final runnings in piece-meal fashion.

Dry Hopping--

In HBD 829 Tony points out several ways to dry hop, the last of which is to
simply throw them in. I find that throwing them in gives the best results.
Since the hops are not sterile and since the wort is most vulnerable right
after chilling, I wait until the secondary for dry hopping. I have achieved
good results in the secondary in anywhere from two to eleven days. Has
anyone thrown dry hops into the fermenter AT PITCHING TIME? If you have I'd
like to hear whether or not you've had any infections.


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