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Subject: disclaimer
Date: 1992-02-25 18:54:00 GMT

Dear Brewers,

In the last HBD (#831), Brian Gross made an excellent observation in
response to my summarizations regerding blow-off v. fermentation
lock methods. In that summary I suggested that the homebrewer take care
not to replace the blow-off hose with a lock too soon. But, as Brian
points out, the blow-off method is in fact a fermentation lock of
sorts and need not be relpaced with a conventional lock at all.

Thanks for the clarification. I'm still only just waiting for the birth
of my "firstborn" and am quite new at this. As was quoted in the HBD
#832 (?):"When I stop learning, someone put me to bed with a shovel!"
(I get quite a kick out of some of these quotes!!) Anyway, Brian
thanks again for pointing that out to me and the other new-comers
to this craft; I know my next batch (which I plan to do using a blow-
off hose/lock with) will be the better for it. My only remaining
questios are, since I plan to use this method, and to let it ferment
outside in the cold Chicago weather (actually, I'm going to keep the
carboy in our closed-in back porch, and under a box to keep it from
light) am I increasing the risks of infection this way? Especially
when fermentation stops? And is there a risk of backwash from the
tube in the event of a quick Chicago climate change?

Thanks and Happy Brewing

John Norton

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