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From: Bob Devine 25-Feb-1992 1217 <>
Subject: Re: Yeast in the Secondary for a Framboise
Date: 1992-02-25 19:18:54 GMT

Lee Slezak asks:
> should I pitch some champagne yeast in with the secondary
> and the new raspberries?

No, that should not be necessary. There is sufficient yeast still
in suspension to ferment the raspberries.

Be sure to carefully watch the fermenter so that the raspberry skins
and seeds don't clog your fermentation lock. In a couple of days
the skins and seeds should settle to the bottom of the carboy with
general proteins and dead yeast. The trub will be a disgusting-looking
reddish-brownish sludge. Racking once more will aid in cleaning the beer.

[Style note: unless you are really making a Belgian lambic, it is not
correct to call your raspberry ale a "framboise".]

Bob Devine

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