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From: (chris campanelli)
Subject: Electric Stoves & Propane
Date: 1992-02-25 17:30:00 GMT

Hate 'em! I'd throw mine in Lake Michigan if I could lift the damn
thing. I experienced similar problems: waiting for boils, discolored
stainless pots, scorched wort rings. I purchased a Bruheat Boiler and
found it was slower than my stove and the heating element kept encrusting
itself due to my hard water. I finally decided to bite the bullet and go
I had intended to dismantle a hot water heater but once I discovered all
the loose ends involved, welding a stand, finding someone with a welder,
getting hoses, etc., I decided to buy a burner instead. No fuss, no
Although I'm sure there are more, I had discovered two. The first being
something called a Kajun Kooker. I had read somewhere that this was
125,000 BTU but don't hold me to it. I talked to someone who owns one
and he described it as a rocket engine in sheeps clothing. He was quite
pleased. I don't recall the price.
The second type I found, and ended up buying, was a 35,000 BTU burner.
It set me back $59.95. All I needed was a propane tank (the Weber type)
and picked on up a Sears for $20.00. Tank refills are $10.00 with an
Since I have switched over to propane I haven't looked back. I get a
rolling, and I mean ROLLING boil, in about 20 minutes. I later upgraded
to SS kegs and luckily the kegs fit perfectly. Now I'm no longer
tethered to the kitchen. I have since relocated to the basement where
there is a work sink, and more importantly, a floor drain. My big
problem now is boiling off too much volume. Eventually I will get around
to using the house gas line to eliminate tank exchanges.

The company is: Superb Gas Products Co.
423 South Church St.
PO Box 99
Belleville, IL 62222
(618) 234-6169

PS. The type I purchased was 16-20E. They do mail free catalogs.

PPS. I am in no way connected to this company . . . etc.

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