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From: (Tony Quince)
Subject: Dave Line, invert sugar & saccharin
Date: 1992-02-25 16:39:07 GMT

Making Beers Like Those You Buy by Dave Line was the book that first
got me into grain brewing & I can wholeheartedly recommend it.
It contains some excellent recipes including a rheinheitsgebot (well, almost)
Guinness which comes out as near as dammit to the real thing (has anybody out
there worked out a cheap & easy method for bottle pressurization with nitrogen?)

Invert sugar can be made in the comfort of your own kitchen by acid hydrolysis
of normal (upright??????) sugar. This involves boiling a sugar solution with a
small quantity of citric or tartaric acid for half an hour. I can't quite
remember the quantities involved just now, but I have it written down at home
and will post it tomorrow, if I remember.

Line's recipes which call for saccharin tend to use only one tablet per gallon.
Now maybe smoking Dutch shag tobacco at an alarming rate has somewhat
desensitized my tastebuds, but this seems to me to be a negligable amount (try
dissolving a teaspoon of sugar in a gallon of water and seeing if you can
taste it). 'Nuff said?

Tony Quince,

P.S. What's the similarity between Budweiser & making love in a canoe?

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