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From: (Jeff Frane)
Subject: WYEAST BULLETIN--read this!
Date: 1992-02-25 19:37:00 GMT


I've just gotten off the phone with Dave Logsdon, head of WYeast Labs.
They have finally managed to determine the cause of their recent
packaging failures, and have begun to address the problem. Actually,
Dave thought they were addressing the problem all along, but nothing
they did seemed to work. After considerably back-tracking through the
industrial trail they have determined that the failure could be traced
to changes made by the oil company that makes the plastic their new
packager is using! The resulting plastic is of an inferior quality and
has structural weaknesses that have caused failures of about 10%.

WYeast will be going back to its previous package supplier, but in the
meantime, they will be packaging yeast WITHOUT STARTERS! The packages
will include instructions on how to make a starter. For about one month,
however, striking the package as per the old directions will accomplish
nothing! Dave has been on the phone with his major retailers, and they
feel this is the right way to go: people are interested in getting the
yeast, and not having package failures, so the general feeling is that a
little inconvenience now is preferable to not having any yeast at all.

I will be getting WYeast's starter directions by FAX today so I can put
together a new label. If there is interest, I will post them here.

- --Jeff Frane

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