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From: Bob Jones <>
Subject: Dry hopping & Blowoff from Micah Millspaw
Date: 1992-02-26 19:14:00 GMT

I have some info on the dry hopping issue. J.X. Guinard did
some research a few years back in the sorts of bacteria that live on
hops. The results where published last year in the MBAAs newsletter. I
had dicussed this issue with Guinard prior to its publication and was
told that there is almost no danger of hop-born bacteria being able to
infect a beer. The reason being that the hop residing creatures do not
compete well in the environment that was created for the yeast. The ph
of the wort tends to not allow a population level to be reached that
can be detected. JXG's work also indicated that 3 days into a ferment
no hop-born beasties would be able to compete at all with the yeast.
So wait 3 days if your going to dry hop. This also should
remove alot of problems with plugged blow off tubes and fermentation
I also would like to point out that the blow off tube and
fermentation lock perform the same function in the same way and I do
not see that one can have any effect over the other. My own brewing
equipment uses both, the half barrel primary has a 1/2 inch copper
line that runs into a gallon jug, if I brew 5 gallons or less I use a
carboy with a fermentation lock. I've been using this equipment for
years and have never been aware of any difference in the quality of
beers made with either process. IMHO the quality is always the
Micah Millspaw 2/26/92

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