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From: (Michael P Lindner)
Subject: Some Questions on Procedures, etc.
Date: 1992-02-25 21:11:37 GMT

I am (almost) new to homebrewing, and have some questions. So far I
have made (from a kit) an India Pale Ale, which my friends and I much
enjoyed, and would like to try some other brews soon.

1) I'd like to try brewing with grain (rather than extracts), and
have read some on the subject. I have no problem with cooking at
various temps for various lengths of time, but books (and HBD)
mention "sparging" the grain. The best definition I can find is
"spray the grain with 160 oF water.

How is this normally done? Do I put the grain in a strainer and pour
water through it, or leave it in the pot and spray the water on it?
Should I use heated tap water, or some of the water the rgain has
been cooking in? Should I stir the grain while I spray? Do I need a
sprayer, or is pouring adequate? Well, you get ther idea.

2) I recently discovered I should get a license to brew in NJ. I'd like
to abide by the law, but I'm unsure of where to apply. Does
anyone know how to go about this, or should I start calling people in

3) Is there a good source of bottles by mail or something? I went to my
(fairly) local homebrew supply store (The Wine Rack), and they gave
me a case of returned-returnables for $1.20. OK, but these bottles
were gross and labelled, and I spent quite a while cleaning and
sterilizing them. Yes, I know I can reuse these, but friends
sometimes throw them out by mistake, and a couple broke when capping
them, and I find I'm a few bottles short for my next batch (and I
don't want to clean another case of bottles with labels and

Anyway, I'd like, while I'm at it, to thanks the contributers to HBD.
I've learned a lot so far, and I'm still learning a lot.

M. Lindner

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