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From: (Mike Tavis)
Subject: kettles & hops
Date: 1992-02-27 14:34:20 GMT

I'm finally going to dump my enamelled canning pot and buy a real SS
brew kettle. I have talked to a friend of mine who owns a restaurant
about getting it through her supplier (and using her discount).
However, there are about 150 different choices so I could use some
help on the parameters.

What size do most people get? Assuming I make 5 gallon
batches is 24-30 quarts about right?

What gauge SS? I will probably use it on my electric stove
until I get a King Kooker (or some other prpose stove).

What dimemsions? Should I get a tall, skinny pot or fat,
short pot?

Is a cooper bottom important?

About a year ago I found a hop called "Pride of Ringwood" at my local
supplier. I used it in an IPA and loved the result. I have been
looking for them ever since and have yet to find them. Has any one
seen these elusive hops. A mail order place that had them would be
great. Thanks.

- -- Mike

o o| Michael Tavis, HyperDesk Corporation
o o| Suite 300, 2000 West Park Dr., Westboro, MA 01581
---+ E-mail: (508) 366-5050

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