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From: (Jack Schmidling)
Subject: Hop, propane
Date: 1992-02-27 19:39:00 GMT

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Fm: Jack Schmidling

Date: Tue, 25 Feb 92 09:25:22 EST
From: tix!roman@uunet.UU.NET (Daniel Roman)
Subject: Hop growing

>I had a terrible experience last year attempting to grow hops. I bought
some cuttings from an outfit in Oregon and when they arrived by UPS
ground I immediately opened the box and stuck them in the ground. They
looked kind of dried out and I was not relaxing. I waited weeks and
nothing. I finally dug them up and all four were dead.

Alternate Garden Supply sells hops plants growing in peat pots. They are
about $6 ea but leave no doubt as to their vigor. I bought two Chinooks a
couple of months ago and they grew so vigorously on the windowsill that I
started pruning them and sprouting the cut ends. I now have about 10 plants
ready for planting in Spring.

For more info... AGS (708) 885 8282 (near Chicago)

From: (chris campanelli)
Subject: Electric Stoves & Propane

>Hate 'em! I'd throw mine in Lake Michigan if I could lift the damn
thing. I experienced similar problems: waiting for boils, discolored
stainless pots, scorched wort rings. I purchased a Bruheat Boiler and
found it was slower than my stove and the heating element kept encrusting
itself due to my hard water. I finally decided to bite the bullet and go

I do not understand the binary logic here. Why does everyone who takes
brewing out of the kitchen plunge into propane? A few pipe fittings and some
plastic hose will bring NG just about anywhere.

One can make a burner for next to nothing out of pipe fitting and fire
bricks. I am not much at ascii drawings so let me try describing one in

Start with two, 10 in lengths of 2 in pipe with a T between them. The side
of the T gets reducers, a shutoff valve and a barb fitting to the gas line.

On one end of the 2 in section, mount a small muffin fan any way convenient.
The other end is the "burner" that is poked into a little "house" made from
fire bricks. Getting it to work is simply a process of finding the proper
air/gas mixture.

That is the LCD with lots of refinements possible.

> Eventually I will get around to using the house gas line to eliminate tank

Oops. You see the light but I do not understand why you didn't start there
in the first place.

From: eisen@Kopf.HQ.Ileaf.COM(Carl West

> What causes a hop plant to set blossoms? Is it :
The length of the vine?

There are many factors that cause plants to flower. In the case of hops, it
is most likely, the photoperiod, assuming a reasonable amouunt of vigorous
vegative growth.

Most people think that apples, for example, don't do well in the tropics
because of the heat but it is simply that, the daylight hours must exceed the
night time hours by a very specific amount to trigger flowering and this does
not happen near the equator.

As hops is a perennial, there is no magic point when it can be considered to
be mature and further considering that it flowers every year at the same time
in the seasons, I vote for photoperiod. Simulate the photoperiod of Fall,
and it might just flower.


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