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From: Lee J. Slezak <slezakl@atlantis.CS.ORST.EDU>
Subject: Yeast Wash Method?
Date: 1992-02-28 05:50:35 GMT

Hi all:

I have yet another question for all of you out there in net-land. I have been
corresponding back and forth with another user about my version of a
Framboise, really a raspberry ale, anyway we came across a question. I was
considering saving the trub out of my secondary fermenter and trying to re-
culture the yeast and re-pitch it. Anyway here is what has been transpiring
between us -

<Lee> if I save the trub at the bottom of the secondary, in a
<Lee>sanitized container, and refrigerate, would I be able to re-pitch the
<Lee>remaining yeast into my next raspberry ale? Just wondering-

<Bob>Hi Lee, that is sort of iffy. There are lots of weird stuff
<Bob>in the trub (dead yeast, mutated yeasts, proteins, etc).

<Bob>Sometimes this works fine ... but I've had a taste of a beer where
<Bob>the person did this and the beer was infected with either mutated
<Bob>yeasts or bacteria.

<Bob>The best approach is to do a yeast wash on the trub and then
<Bob>save the good stuff. Sorry but I don't know how to do that.
<Bob>I've only seen references to the "yeast wash" method.

So, what do you people think? I have only just recently become a member
of the AHA and I do not have the special Zymurgy Issue on yeast, so I have
no real references on the subject. You all have been so helpful in the past
what do you people have to say about this one? All and any advice, help,
and insight will be appreciated. I will post a summation of the results to this
query. (as usual) Thanks again and I am really looking forward to hearing
from all of you!

Happy Brewing-

Lee J. Slezak

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