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From: ix!roman@uunet.UU.NET (Daniel Roman)
Subject: Cider Making
Date: 1992-02-28 17:11:31 GMT

You may want to subscribe to the cider-digest feed. It's not very
active now, but really takes off in the fall. I've been told by long
time cider makers NOT to boil the cider as it affects the flavor and the
aroma. Most just pitch the yeast, some use sulfites to kill off
anything and then let the sulfites evaporate out. Not the way to
acheive 100% sterility but who am I to argue with success. If you want
your cider a little sweeter, use ale yeast, it is far less attenuative
than Champagne yeast.

I won't tell you about my cider making experiences since they have not
been 100% successful in my opinion and I only work with cider once or
twice a year in the fall in small batches.
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