From the HBD Archive
From: "John Cotterill" <>
Subject: Long Fermentation
Date: 1992-02-28 19:20:35 GMT

I brewed an all grain IPA about a month ago. The original gravity was around
1.052. I am using 1056 yeast at a temperature of 66F. The fermentation
started normally about a day after pitching (I used a starter). I fermented
in a SS soda keg with a blow off hose. After 8 days I checked the gravity.
It was around 1.032, much higher than I would have expected. I let it
go another 7 days. The gravity was 1.030, still pretty high. I pulled the
blow off tube out, and just sealed the keg with the normal fittings. Every
day I give the relief valve a pull and get about a 3 second blast of CO2.
The gravity, however does not seem to be changing. The beer tastes OK.
Why is it not fermenting out? I am very careful about sanitation, and,
unless the yeast was trashed from the factory, I doubt I introduced any kind
of a wild yeast. But I think even if I did have a wild yeast, the gravity
would be dropping. The only anomaly that occured was during mashing.
Instead of 153F in the mash tun, I was low at about 148F. Does anyone have
a clue what the trouble is?

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