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From: Bob Jones <>
Subject: Heaters from Micah Millsapw
Date: 1992-02-28 19:30:00 GMT

There has been some discussion lately about immersion heaters
and their abilities. It is easy to calculate the wattage required to
heat a given volume of water a certain amount. Or the heating
potential of a given wattage heating element. I resently built a hot
liquor tank that will turn itself on heat up to strike temp a hold
that temperature, during the mash it will heat up the sparge water to
the desired temp. It uses a 1500 watt element and is controlled by a
modified Hunter Air Stat and a temperature sensitive switch. I wake up
with ready to mash in water, plus it is energy efficient because the
thing starts at a predeterimed time that is just long enough to heat
up to the desired temperature.
1) know the total weight of the water to be heated
1 gallon water = 8.35lb.
2) determine your total temperature change (delta T )degrees F
3) multiply the weight by the delta T . This is needed Btu's
per hour do the job.
4) divide the Btu's by 3.412 to find the watts per hour
5) divide by number of hours desired and select the
appropriate heating element.

Or reshuffle this with what number you have to find those you don't.

Micah Millspaw 2/27/92

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