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From: Bob Devine 29-Feb-1992 1041 <>
Subject: side-by-side yeast comparison
Date: 1992-02-29 17:42:41 GMT

In response to some recent questions about the affect different yeasts
can have, I dug out some notes I made on a side-by-side comparison of
11 beers. All the beers were made from the same original wort but were
split up into 11 different carboys and given different yeasts.

I and others did a blind taste testing (the beers were presented
randomly and without any description beforehand. The yeasts were
a variety of ale and lager yeasts with a few "surprise" yeasts promised.

All beers were tasted before the actual list of beers or the answers
were given. The base beer was light bodied (probably 1.040 OG).

Beer Description
- ---- ----------------------------------------------------------------
1 clean aroma, slight fruitiness, high head
guess = ale
answer = Wyeast 1098, British Ale yeast from Whitbread

2 clove phenolic, minimal carbonation, no head, slight astringent
guess = german wheat??
answer = Wyeast Pasteur Champagne 3021!

3 ale estery, low head, smooth
guess = whitbread
answer = Wyeast American Ale 1056

4 yeasty aroma, sour, sulfury, sweet non-attentuative, probably infected
guess = RedStar
answer = RedStar lager!

5 huge dense head, sweet, sherry aroma, no esters
guess = unknown ale
answer = RedStar Ale

6 ale estery, sweet, spicy, lots of off-aroma, sulfury, weird!
guess = high temp lager?
answer = reused Wyeast American Ale from trub

7 quite sweet malty, clean, slight fruitiness, nice head
guess = german ale
answer = Wyeast Bavarian Weizen 3056 (50/50 blend of S. cerevisiae
and delbrueckii)

8 dense head, clean aroma, sour aftertaste, slight yeasty smell
guess = unknown ale
answer = dry Edme ale yeast

9 sweet, clean, a little off aroma that I couldn't identify
guess = ale?
answer = Wyeast Bohemian Lager 2124

10 clove phenolic, sour, astringent first taste followed by sweet
guess = german wheat?
answer = Wyeast Munich Lager 2308 (Wyeast literature mentions that
this yeast is sometimes unstable)

11 semi-sweet, estery/fruit nose, medium head
guess = ale?
answer = Wyeast Danish Lager 2042

Bob Devine

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