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From: "Charlie Papazian\\Boulder" <>
Subject: Australia visit
Date: 1992-03-01 07:53:19 GMT

Sb: In Australia

Just thought I'd drop Internet beer forum a message I just posted to
Compuserve. I'm currently traveling in Australia, visiting homebrewers,
brewers and attending a brewers convention. here are a few notes.

I've been meeting scads of homebrewers while having visited Sydney and now
Melbourne. The quality of the homebrew I've had has been exceptionally good
for the most part. The all-grain brewers, while in the same kind of
minority as the U.S. and Canada are quite knowledgeable and show no less
ingenuity in building their contraptions, mashing, sparging, boiling, etc.
vessels. Very clever indeed. The quality of the ingredients has really got
to be very good. I don't know what it used to be like but of the relatively
few shops that are around, they stock some quality stuff.
Their hops are almost all Australian or New Zealand grown. From what
I've gathered the NZ hops have the reputation of being exceptional. Most
hops are in pellet form and well packaged.
They have access to Wyeast liquid yeasts now for over a year. A few
are using it with great results. At $8 - $10 a pack. They also have the
advantage of being able to culture yeast from Coopers Sparkling Ale. A
great beer and great yeast for a particular styleof beer.
The shop owners all generally subscribe to zymurgy and do a great job of
spreadingthe word about knocking off the sugar in kit beers. There is
adequate "kit supplements" packaged in about 1 kilo containers : malt syrup
extracts, light, amber, dark, crystal type to use in kits instead of sugar.
Also dried extract. Coopers is pretty big here. Most other kits are from
the UK. The Aussies all wonder why there aren't many American made kits.
I guess in summary the homebrewers are making some great beers. I
had an all grain barely wine last night OG 1.100 FG: 1.012. 12%
Exceptionally good. And a good doppelbock as well.
The weather is pleasaant and good for BBQ's and beer drinking. I'll
be off to the Aussie/New Zealand brewers convention that begins this
evening. tomorrow off to visit some of Melbournes brewpubs and homebrew
shops.It's 5:15 p.m. Sunday here while I suppose 12:15 a.m. thereMST.solong

p.s. I enjoyed some of the best dark bock beer I've ever had anywhere in
the world. Place: Scharer's Brewery and Inn in Picton, just 1 1/2 hour
southwest of Sydney. Wonderful German style beer in a pubrewery restuarant
hotel inn. Well worth visiting if you're ever in the Sydney area.


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