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Subject: What to make first
Date: 1992-03-02 04:10:56 GMT

Hello. Well, after my "convenience" mistake with Axbridge, I want
to make a GOOD batch of beer. The Axbridge kit was a total failure after
following the directions almot religously. It just didn't work.

I will be making a batch of beer (probably 4 to 5 gallons) this
May. I have a few questions....

I want to use a "kit." (I believe that is what it is called). The
kit has the extracts, sugars, and yeast. What type of "kit" is best for a
good *first* home brew? I want something tried and true! My taste is for
a George Killians (owned by Coors) Red. I also adore Saporo. I just want
a smooth, non-harsh beer. I assume there is an easy "Lager" kit to use.
However, I do not know what to get. Could someone give me some feed-back?
Any feed-back as far was what to use in the line of extracts is greatly
appreciated. I have looked and looked and there are a multitude of
extracts out there.

My tastes are large and flexible. Here are my favorite American
Commercial Beers:
Little Kings ;-)


Tsing Tao

If you know of a good tried and true extract "kit" please, please
let me know. Thanks...


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