From the HBD Archive
From: (Michael L. Hall)
Subject: Cider digests and books
Date: 1992-03-02 17:54:11 GMT

This is directed to Daniel Roman (your email bounced):

You told us about the cider-digest, but you didn't tell us how to
subscribe! I'm sure that many people on the HBD may be interested.
Please respond with the email address of the cider list.

To everyone:

Concerning cider, I recently bought a book from the AHA that is
entitled "Sweet & Hard Cider", published by Storey (?) Press, for
$10.95 +S&H. I don't know a lot about making cider, but the book looks
excellent to me. It is very informative and takes you through the whole
process, including grinding your apples and squeezing the juice out.
It even tells you how to mix different kinds of apples (sweet, tart,
tannic, base, etc.) together to make that perfect cider. I heartily
recommend this book for those of you interested in cider. (Standard
disclaimers about not being related to anybody that could benefit apply.)

Michael L. Hall

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