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From: (Norm Pyle)
Subject: Re: use of hops
Date: 1992-03-02 18:43:43 GMT writes:

Lots of great info about hops and ...

>Both the bittering and the bouquet will diminish over time, so if you've
>used too much, don't fret, wait 3 or 6 months. Then again, you can't

Is this true? I've noticed in some brews (which accidently lay around for a
few months) that there was a distinct loss of sweetness over time which, to
my tongue, came off as an increased bitterness. The sweetness normally
balances the bitterness, so it seemed more bitter over time. I attributed
the loss of sweetness to a mild infection of a wild yeast or a bacteria which
was able to ferment the "unfermentables" given enough time (I noticed no real
"off flavors" other than this phenomenon. I suppose with better sanitation
this would not occur and that the effect of which Al speaks would be more
evident. What have others found? I've got a vested interest in this
question since I've got a bock in the basement which is pretty high on the
bitter side. If the bitterness fades a bit, it should be incredible.

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