From the HBD Archive
Subject: Yeast Washing Info
Date: 1992-03-02 21:56:54 GMT

Yeast washing basically is a process of mixing the
yeast with enough hydrocloric acid to bring the
ph of the slurry to 2.2. You want to do this with
yeast that has as little trub in it as possible.
(yet another reason to use a wort chiller and separate
the trub from the wort)

By bringing the ph to this level you kill off any
mutant and weak yeast. This then gives you a strong
yeast colony to start with. Big breweries only wash
a yeast batch 10 times. After that the chances of
getting a mutant strain in the brew increases dramatically.

With acid this powerful make sure you have the right
tools and meters to do the job. Mistakes and inappropriate
choice of tools and containers can be costly.


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