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From: pms%jammer@Sun.COM (Patrick Stirling)
Subject: Mackeson's and Soft Brown Sugar
Date: 1989-09-06 16:30:40 GMT

Doug Roberts says:
"I will never again make a batch with brown sugar as an ingredient (a
little honey or molasses, perhaps, but not caramelized refined sugar)."
Which I agree with! However, to shed a little light, I think one
problem may be that in Britain soft brown sugar is (relatively)
unrefined. It's not dyed refined sugar, it's thick, gluey (almost
gooey) stuff, somewhere between turbonado (sp?) and white sugar.
Turbonado is much less refined, black and gooey but still somewhat
crystalline. Perhaps with British style brown sugar the Mackeson's
would come out better. Not that I'd try it, mind you.

Can anyone recommend a book that describes the differences between
different styles of beer? E.g. Maerzen, Trappist, Bock, Alt, etc. I'd
like something pretty detailed, that describes what gives each style
its individual character.


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