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From: (Ray Peck)
Subject: non-lambic and non-Trappist Belgians
Date: 1992-03-02 23:22:13 GMT

OK, I've finally kicked myself into asking about the avaiability
and semi-reproduction of Other Belgian Wonderful Stuff (other than
lambics and Chimay, for which there is a lot of info).

When I was in Belgium (beer trip) this past winter, I found that my
favorites were Rodenbach Gran Cru and Leifmann's. I also loved a bunch
of other things which were not lambics or Trappists (not that I don't
*love* lambics and Trappists. . .)

First thing is: is there anyplace in the country which can get Rodenbach?
I found a distributer which can get Leifmann's, but they don't handle
Rodenbach. Does Manneken Brussel in Austin handle any Belgians besides
Chimay? (and the easy stuff to get: Orval, Grimbergen, St. Sixtus,
Lindeman's, Duvel)

Now, to get down to the get down. . .
Assuming I can get fresh bottles to culture from (actually, have the
microbiologist woman who runs Fermentation Frenzy culture for me), has
anyone else here attempted repros of Rodenbach and Leifmann's? How
'bout a tasty, refreshing Hoegarden for those hot summer days?

Also, an alert for all you fans of Belgian beer: I picked up a Michael
Jackson book entitled "The Great Beers of Belgium", when I was in Brussels.
It was in English (also available in Flemish and Waloon). I've never
heard of it in the states. Is it available here? Highly recomended.

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