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From: Ray Mrohs <IRMIS971%SIVM.bitnet@VTVM2.CC.VT.EDU>
Subject: Wyeast London Ale
Date: 1992-03-03 21:11:08 GMT

From: Ray Mrohs
Systems Programmer
Smithsonian Institution

I must say, my first encounter with Wyeast was very 'enlightening'.
Knowing what I did about Wyeast (mostly thru HBD), I was very delicate
in trying to break the inner packet while, of course, holding down the
whole envelope above the bottom seam. All the packet did was squish
around the inside of the envelope until I gave it a good whack and then
*SPLAT*, the contents shot out the middle of the *SIDE* seam, across the
counter and onto our 6-month-old baby girl. After the ensueing carnage
(my wife just *happened* to be there watching), I checked the envelope
to find a 1/4 inch hole in the seam and the slippery little packet of
yeast still intact! I then pinched the envelope between the thumb and
forefinger which finally broke the packet. I mended the seam with heavy-
duty duct tape and propped the envelope on its good side. The product
swelled as advertised and I pitched the following day. Bubbles appeared
in the air lock after 24 hours, so fermentation *LOOKS* OK.

My point is, a product with a good reputation can't afford to be compromised
by sub-standard packaging. This envelope had a recent production date of
FEB 19. Coupled with the number of similar experiences I've read about in
HBD and the fact that the problem has existed for so long, it seems that
someone in Oregon has not been minding the store (my opinion).

BTW - to keep the Ralph Nadarites at bay - my daughter really didn't mind
what happened. I just didn't think her first home brew experience would
be so soon!

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