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From: Brett Shorten <>
Subject: Pride of Ringwood hops
Date: 1992-03-04 15:37:43 GMT

Being Australian, I was pleased with the recent interest expressed
in this digest in Pride of Ringwood hops. Basically, these are virtually
the only hops grown in Australia (with the exception of a few low
volume finishing styles such as "Southern Brewer") and are used, as
far as I know, in all Australian beers. They are one of the most
bitter hops around, but produce little in the way of hop aromas.
Although I live in Wollongong, New South Wales (just south of Sydney)
I buy my Pride of Ringwoods from a home brew shop in Tasmania. This
is by far the best source of FRESH hops I have found, which is not
surprising since virtually all of Australia's hops are grown just to the
north-west of Hobart, about 30 minutes from this shop. For those who
would like to try this type of hop, the address is
Tasmanian Home Brewing Supplies
179 Elizabeth St.
Hobart, Tasmania, 7000

Actually this could be quite a bargain for you American brewers, as
they sell these hops for $A2.60 (about $US2) for 200 grams (almost 8 oz).
I dont know whether they will ship overseas, but they certainly mail
interstate within Australia. Not sure about shipping costs either.
As an alternative, I would like to get access to fresh American hops,
so perhaps I could come to some swapping arrangement with someone in this
digest. Drop me a line if you are interested, and we'll see if some mutually
satisfactory arrangement can be worked out.

Brett Shorten

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