From the HBD Archive
Subject: Re: Brewing Variables
Date: 1992-03-04 17:57:00 GMT

Carlo writes:
> Here are some of the topics I'd like to understand:
>1) Affect of thin vs. thick mash
> - different enzymes are activated (like pH changes??)
>2) Affect of single step (~153F) vs. Step vs. Decoction
> - Acid Rest->Protein Rest->Starch Conv. (depends on type of malt
> and style, but what are the processes?)

One could write 10 Mbytes on your questions, and I'm afraid
that if I start, I will. These are pretty complex issues.
I suggest you pick up the All-grain special issue of Zymurgy
(call the AHA at 303-447-0816). There's a great article on
Step Infusion vs. Decoction by David Miller in it. Please note
that he fails to mention the down-side of the decoctions:
boiling the grains will extract tannins from the husks which
will increase the astringency of your beer and will cause
chill-haze problems.


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