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Subject: Effects of Light on Beer
Date: 1992-03-04 18:42:58 GMT

What exactly is the effect of light on fermenting beer?? I am
aware that a 'skunky' smell/taste can be produced if light is allowed
to react with a batch of homebrew, but, at what magnitudes?? The
reason I am posing this question, is that I successfully brewed my
first two batches without any protection from light (ignorance is bliss)
and both turned out fine. The batches were allowed to ferment in a
glass carboy behind a shower curtain in an unused bathroom with a big
window and fluorescent lights. True not a lot of direct light, but
plenty of indirect. The brews were a brown ale and a stout, would the
dark colors have afforded some degree of natural protection?? I have
since fermented with covered carboy's with no taste difference detected.
Any response will be greatly appreciated. If enough interest is
generated, I will post a summary.

Thanks in advance,

-Joel McCamley "Constantly Relaxing, not Worrying and having a Homebrew"

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