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From: GC Woods <>
Subject: Yet another Wyeast problem
Date: 1992-03-04 20:22:30 GMT

>From: Ray Mrohs
>I must say, my first encounter with Wyeast was very 'enlightening'.
>Knowing what I did about Wyeast (mostly thru HBD), I was very delicate
>in trying to break the inner packet while, of course, holding down the
>whole envelope above the bottom seam. All the packet did was squish
>around the inside of the envelope until I gave it a good whack and then
>*SPLAT*, the contents shot out the middle of the *SIDE* seam, across the

After using Wyeast for around 7 - 10 batches I finally had my first
problem and it is just like the problem Ray had in HBD #836 - the inner
packet would not break. The problem I feel is that there was too much oxygen
in the outer packet, so not enough pressure could be placed on the inner
packet. At one point I had my entire weight (140lb) on the packet and
nothing happened (I was impressed that the outside packet held), so then
I tried to isolate the inner packet at one end and squeeze, but the
outside packet broke. Unlike Ray I used the inner packet in a starter -
hope there is enough nutrient to get it going!

The Wyeast package I used was dated Jan 1 92 - is it possible the
yeast nutrient picked up some sort of infection which made the packet
swell a little more than normal or could there have been just a little
to much oxygen placed in the packet during manufacturing?

Geoff Woods

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