From the HBD Archive
From: (Aaron Birenboim)
Subject: Re: Priming Sugar
Date: 1992-03-05 14:32:43 GMT

Chris Shenton suggested that dried malt extract was an "ideal"
priming substance. I disagree. I find that you can really
taste dried malt extract in the beer. Now, while i like the
daste of Dried malt extract (i often eat some while brewing)
it detracts from the "clean" finish i like in a beer. Perhaps
this is due to addition of trub which is not broken down/racked
off/driven off by fermentation. I think corn sugar is far
superior for priming.

Chris also mentions that uses saved wort (krauesening (sp?)).
I hear that this method usually wins double blind taste tests.
I do worry a bit about stability with this method, however,
since it may introduce some (less than Dried ME priming) trub.
Nontheless, i will be bottling my first krauesened beer this
weekend. (its a porter, ,so i will most likely not be able to
tell how it effects flavor under all that molasses and choclate


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