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From: (Aaron Birenboim)
Subject: Re: Pure Dry Yeast?
Date: 1992-03-05 14:40:29 GMT

Bob Jones asked why not start making pure, dry yeast? Basicly...
why do brewers pay up to $4.00 for yeast in inferior packaging?

Well.... drying yeast will select the yeast most capable
of surviving drying. This is seldom related to which yeast
produces good beer. In drying you will be selecting "mutants"
capable of survivingthe kiln. Wyeast can culture up from a single
cell, test if it made good beer, and the culture up more
for market. Selecting yeast with good fermentation

On package breakage: I hav never busted one. I place my
palm gently over the inner pouch, then place the other hand
on top, and lean into the package CPR style. I also try to
concentrate my weight as much as possible on a small area of the
inner pouch, so that the outside of the pouch is not shock-
pressurized. This is especially important for me since
i brew at an altitude of 5000 feet, and most Wyeast packages
are slightly swelled to begin with here because of the pressure
differential with sea-level.

(well.... i do not know that for a fact, having never seen
wyeast at sea level.... but our packages do come slightly inflated


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