From the HBD Archive
From: smithey@rmtc.Central.Sun.COM (Brian Smithey)
Subject: Yet another Wyeast problem
Date: 1992-03-05 16:56:22 GMT

On 4 Mar 92 15:22:30 EST (Wed),
GC Woods <> said:

[ starting Wyeast ]

GC> packet. At one point I had my entire weight (140lb) on the packet and
GC> nothing happened (I was impressed that the outside packet held), so then
GC> I tried to isolate the inner packet at one end and squeeze, but the
GC> outside packet broke. Unlike Ray I used the inner packet in a starter -
GC> hope there is enough nutrient to get it going!

GC> Geoff Woods

Maybe now the debate can finally be settled -- is the yeast in
the inner packet or the outer? Geoff, let us know in a few
days whether or not your "yeast" ferments your starter.

- --
Brian Smithey / Sun Microsystems / Colorado Springs, CO

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