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From: Richard Childers <>
Subject: Re: Homebrew Digest #837 (March 05, 1992)
Date: 1992-03-05 18:06:51 GMT

"Date: Wed, 4 Mar 92 11:40 PST
From: (Jeff Frane)
Subject: Re: Lager, Kitchen Aid, Wyeast, Plastic,

"Jack Schmidling writes:

"> I would like to hear from anyone who can describe the difference between a
> lager and an ale, in terms of the taste."

Actually, I think you have the attributions mixed up here. This is the person
Jack was replying to. Why are you being so derogatory towards another person ?

"Probably you ought to try drinking some good lagers; it's as difficult
explaining the difference between ale and lager to someone who clearly
doesn't understand it as explaining color to a blind man."

"If you're ignoring liquid yeast, you can't be looking too hard."

"Yes, it's pretty obvious from all the evidence, that WYeast was
responsible for your contaminated beer. Although you don't believe in
using liquid yeast, so clearly this wasn't the problem with *your* beer.
Hmmmm. "

"It really gets your goat that somewhere someone is doing something right
and making a living at it, doesn't it?"


Please, keep your personal disagreement(s) with Jack Schmidling out of the
Digest, Jeff. If you have to argue with him, do it offline. He's entitled
to be suspicious of trendy behavior if he wishes to be ... (-:

Personally, I haven't had any problems with dried yeasts, either. So far, I've
been using Canadian ale yeasts, and am about to try recycling some of the
precipitated yeast. According to what I just read in this Digest, yeast that's
sitting on the bottom is less exposed to stray infections, so this would seem
to be just as 'effective' as buying Wyeast - although Wyeast does seem to have
a wide array of variations, and this would be worth exploring.

Remember, it's that 'do it yourself' attitude that made America - and the rest
of the world - what it is today. That applies to the people who created Wyeast,
and the people who recycle yeasts, and the people who breed them, too, since
their successes may some day end up retailed by Wyeast. And every person who
has made the choice to stop buying beer and start buying brewing materials. I
don't see how any of us are necessarily better or worse than any others.

<< flame ON >>

Which reminds me ... why must a person be a beer judge to subscribe to the
beer judge mailing list ? Isn't that a tad elitist ? Perhaps the beer judges
should unsubscribe from the homebrew mailing list, since we have so little
to contribute to their omniscient perspective ... ( sorry, but that sort of
attitude really ticks me off. the mason digest is unrestricted ... why should
the beer judges be any less free with their discussions ? )

<< flame OFF >>

- -- richard childers

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