From the HBD Archive
From: (Robert Bradley)
Subject: This list don't need no flames
Date: 1992-03-05 19:24:36 GMT

I thought hbd837 was one of the greatest HBDs ever. The beer judging
guide, Tony's clear delineation of ale vs. lager, useful postings on
IBU vs. HBU -- all great. Needless to say, it held my interest until the
end (this doesn't always happen). It's almost a shame that I made it to
the last posting -- that was the sort of thing this list needs like a hole
in the head. Allow me to share some private mail with the list:

[March 5, 1992]

Dear Jeff Frane,

Cut the ad hominem. If your opinion can't be voiced without taking
cheap shots at the person (as opposed to what he says) it probably
isn't worth the bandwidth. Whatever problems people may have had
with Jack in the past, his letter was inoffensive and provocative.
Tony@spss (and others) responded to the provocation with a well-
reasoned presentation of useful information. We all have a lot to
learn from them.

Rob Bradley (

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