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Subject: Whitbread yeast questions
Date: 1992-03-05 21:23:35 GMT

Hi all,

Last week my buddy and I picked up a shipment of Whitbread
ale & lager dry yeast from our homebrew shop. Each one
came in a 700g -- that's right, a total 1.4 kg of yeast!!! --
vacuum sealed foil package (sort of looked like freeze dried Nabob
coffee package). We did this because we can't find Whitbread
dried yeast in our area (only EDME, Coopers, RED STAR are
available). We divied up the yeast and put it in air
sealed plastic containers to be stored in the fridge.

Now, is this a reasonable thing to do, or will we end up
with 3 lb of mutants? I assume that active dry yeast can
be stored in a sealed container in the fridge for a long
time without any infections taking place.

My other question is how would you rate the Whitbread
ale yeast compared to, say, EDME or Coopers.
How about the lager yeast compared to RED STAR lager.
(Notice I didn't mention RED STAR ale...)
The Zymurgy yeast special issue has a favourable review
of Whitbread and I think so do most of the posts i've
seen on the digest, but now that i've got industrial
quantities of the stuff I'd like some reassurance!

Paul (no more pitching rate problems) Yatrou.

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