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From: Mike Fertsch <FERTSCH@adc1.RAY.COM>
Subject: Dextrin Malt - does it self-convert?
Date: 1989-09-06 21:28:00 GMT

Doug Roberts posted a recipe the other day -

> 7# light syrup
> 2# Cara Pils (dextrin malt)
> 2# light crystal
> 1# extra rich crystal
> 1/2 oz Hallertauer hops (5.0% Alpha acids)
> 1.0 oz Willamette hops (4.5% AA)
> 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp Citric acid, 1 tsp yeast nutrient
> 1 TBL Irish Moss
> 11.5 oz Edme Yeast

> I mashed the cara & crystal malts for 2 hours at 140 F, then sparged
> to about 4 gallons.

Having recently discovered Dextrin Malt, this recipe looks pretty good to
me. I like the color, taste, and aroma of this malt.

I always thought that both crystal malt and dextrin malt contain no
enzymes. If this is the case, why a 2 hour mash? Just a short steep in
warm water should do the trick.

Is 'rich crystal' just a darker version of 'ordinary crystal'? I've
noticed a WIDE variation in color in crystal malts.

Mike Fertsch

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