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From: Greg Roody - DTN 237-7122 - MaBell 508-841-7122 <>
Subject: Oh come on now.... Really. (Re - beer judge list flames)
Date: 1992-03-06 13:24:55 GMT

Richard Childers writes:

>Which reminds me ... why must a person be a beer judge to subscribe to the
>beer judge mailing list ? Isn't that a tad elitist ? Perhaps the beer
>judges should unsubscribe from the homebrew mailing list, since we have so
>little to contribute to their omniscient perspective ... ( sorry, but that
>sort of attitude really ticks me off. the mason digest is unrestricted ...
>why should the beer judges be any less free with their discussions ? )

Huh? Who said you had to "be" a judge to subscribe to this list? I am
certainly not a qualified judge, and I am quite intimidated by the study
guide, but I "am" a homebrewer and a subsciber to the list. I find the
discussions to be thought provoking nonetheless, and while I don't have
much to add, I get a lot of useful info out of it.

One thing is certain though, if you have an attitude against discussions of
"structure", "organization", "standards", and the thought of someone else
telling you your beer isn't perfect, then you wouldn't want to subscribe to
a list like this anyway. {You should try attending an ANSI or IEEE
standards body meeting sometime}.

You may also want to stay away from competitions also, unless you enjoy
paying other people to drink your beer, keep your bottles, and then deflate
your ego a little {as the baby in Dinasours sais... "Again!"}.

Lighten up a little.

/// - It takes Me All Year to Brew what Coors Brews in Just 10.3 Seconds \\\

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