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From: Joel (J.N.) Avery <JAVERY@BNR.CA>
Subject: Hop sources in Canada?
Date: 1992-03-06 16:10:00 GMT

homebrew@tso.uc.EDU (Ed Westemeier) wrote

> I've had excellent luck with the hop rhizomes I've ordered
> from Freshops in Oregon. The Cascades took off like crazy, but
> the Hallertauer, Northern Brewer and Saaz were no slouches
> either, all in the first year. Can't wait to see what happens this
> year! Give them a call at 503-929-2736. There are probably
> other good sources, but that's the one I've had experience with.

I was looking for a source for hop rhizomes in Canada (just to
avoid the hassle of having them shipped across the border, and
the delays that that would bring). I'm in Ottawa - does anyone
have any information about local sources?

> This month (March) is definitely the time to be planting your
> hop rhizomes, so don't delay. Don't know where you're
> located, but the only caveat I'm aware of is that hops usually
> don't do their best below 40 degrees of latitude. I'm at 39 and
> no complaints.

You must be at 39 degrees if you can plant things in March. We
still have 18 inches of snow on the ground here. I would
appreciate hearing from any northern hop growers about how to
grow hops around here.

Email please, as I am off skiing for a week in Whistler, and might
have to (shudder) delete the HBDs unread if I get too much work
related email.
Owner and Operator - White Beaver Brewery

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