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From: chad@mpl.UCSD.EDU (Chad Epifanio)
Subject: yeast growth
Date: 1992-03-06 16:56:49 GMT

Hello all,

I have an observation/question on yeast growth. I once made a batch
of barley wine with Williams English Brewery Ale yeast, with cultured
Sierra Nevada yeast added after a week just for fun. Last week on a
whim, a friend and I streaked out several strains of yeast on agar
plates. We streaked Williams American Lager, Bavarian Ale, Wheat, and the
English/Sierra Nevada Ale mix. All were taken from bottle sediment.
What we saw was that the English/Sierra Nevada grew MUCH faster, say 3-5
times faster, than the others. We mixed up ~5 fl.oz. starter and added
it to a batch of pale ale this weekend. It was at full krausen within
6 hrs, where usually I don't see full activity until about 12 hrs after
I pitch. I'm sure plating it out and getting a healthy colony had much
to do with it, but has anyone else exerienced this quick growth with
either English Brewery ale yeast or Sierra Nevada yeast?

Just wondering,
Chad Epifanio

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