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From: "KATMAN.WNETS385" <>
Subject: yeast difference
Date: 1992-03-06 18:57:00 GMT

Date: 06-Mar-92 Time: 01:55 PM Msg: EXT03014

HI folks,
I have made 2 (count 'em 2 :) batches of beer, both of which were (if I say
so myself :) wonderful. However, both had this sort of "tangy" taste at the
finish of your swallow. Not really an aftertaste, sort of a before the after
taste. Friends who brew a lot and who drank the beer think it might be either
from not using all-grain or from using dried yeast. Opinions?
(this might be an incentive for using liquid yeast, or doesn't it make a lot
of difference until you go all grain?)

Lee Katman == Thirteen/WNET == New York, NY
(until friday the 13th, when I become a midwesterner :)

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