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From: cwjcc!abvax.UUCP!! (Barry Cunningham)
Subject: Book descibing differences between different beer styles
Date: 1989-09-07 14:27:45 GMT

Patrick Stirling asks:
"Can anyone recommend a book that describes the differences between
different styles of beer? E.g. Maerzen, Trappist, Bock, Alt, etc. I'd
like something pretty detailed, that describes what gives each style
its individual character."

I just got my copy of Recipes from the Winner's Circle, published
by the American Homebrewers Association. It contains descriptions
of the various beer style categories used in the AHA competitions.
But better yet, it also contains recipes from the winners in these
competitions over the past several years. Most categories include
both extract and all-grain recipes. I heartily recommend it.

If you just want descriptions though, you can find these in Papazian's
book, The Complete Joy of Home Brewing, or the descriptions of the
categories for homebrew competitions that appeared in several of the
issues of Zymurgy from early this year. I suppose that Michael Jackson's
books on beers of the world really have the definitive descriptions
of all the types you're looking for, but I haven't actually read them
myself yet. I'm sure I will break down and buy them soon (or drop enough
hints so that I get them for a Christmas present or something).

-- Barry Cunningham

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