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Subject: Re: HB virgin, Recipe: Honey Ginger Beer
Date: 1992-03-09 14:44:49 GMT

In HBD # 839, ("HB virgin") writes:

"4. What's a carboy?" -- finally, a question I can answer!

The _American Heritage_ dictionary defines it as "A large glass or
plastic bottle [...] often used to hold corrosive liquids." Of course,
we homebrewers hope our beer isn't considered a corrosive liquid! A
good example of a carboy is a glass or plastic water cooler bottle
(don't get caught "borrowing" one ;-)

Jack, seeing as you are just starting out, you might want to try the
following recipe. This is also a good basic beer for those ready to
move up from a "kit"... easy to make but much more rewarding!


Ingredients Listing (US Measurements)
1 Can John Bull Malt, Light-Plain (Unhopped) 3 Oz Diced Ginger
1 Oz Hallertaur Hop Plugs Liquid Finings
3 Lbs Honey 1 Cup Priming Sugar
Glenbrew Yeast

Their Directions

"Boil malt and hop plugs for 30 minutes at very low simmer. Be sure to
tie hops into straining bag so it can be easily removed. After 15
minutes of boil add diced ginger root. Continue to boil for the
balance of 15 more minutes. Remove ginger. In primary fermenter or
single stage fermenter add 3 lbs. of honey and pour hot liquid over
it. Make up balance to yield 5 gallons. When cooled add Glenbrew
yeast (this yeast is made for a specially dry fermenting brew).
Starting SG 1040 finish SG 1004. 24 hour prior to bottling add 1
Tablespoon of liquid finings per gallon. Proceed with bottling as

"This makes a most delightful summer beer, with a slight ginger taste,
and a wonderful mellow ginger aftertaste. Chill and enjoy!!"

My Preparation Notes

Started with 1.5 gals cold filtered water in stockpot. Added malt
extract and began heating. At steaming, added hops in straining bag.
After 15 minutes, added diced ginger (actually, slices about as thick
as a nickel -- I wanted the surface area increase). Continued simmer
for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, added 3 lbs honey to fermenter (using some
known weights, a fulcrum and a bit of mechanics, then measuring the
results, I figure this is about 40 Oz liquid measure). When simmer
completed, removed ginger and hops bag, and poured hot wort into
fermenter (7 gal glass carboy). Added cold filtered water to make 5
gals. Pitched yeast at about 80 deg F (I needed to go to bed, this
took about 7 hours -- next project: wort chiller!). Forgot to take
initial SG reading.

Fermentation Notes

Used closed fermentation with blowby tube. Fermentation took ~7 days.
Light (0.5 inch) top foam layer initally, tailing off to zilch in about
1 day. Good fermentation activity... added 5 pkgs VINBRITE liquid
clearing agent (they were out of liquid finings when I bought
everything) 1 day before bottling. Terminal SG 1008 (pretty close!)


Racked to plastic (Nalgene) container... boiled 1 cup corn sugar in 3
cups water and added to container, stirring well to mix. Bottled into
54 std "long necks". Aged in the good old cellar... dark and cool!


Taste good/light. Very clear, with a golden brown to red color.
Slight "apple" smell upon opening, but no fruity taste... just a clean
ginger flavor. Good head and strong carbonation (I think I'll back off
a bit on the priming sugar next time). Improved with age, 5+ weeks
later it was great, still getting better 4 months later (but only 4 btls left!). No chill haze. Medium alcohol content. GREAT with asian foods
(tasted similar to Tsing Tao, but better).

I wanted to make something that would be well received by my "light
beer" drinking friends, without having to do all the work of a lager.
You know the type -- you brew a great english bitter, they bug you for
a glass, you let 'em taste it and then they ask you for a Bud... this
has been my fastest moving batch to date, due to the populist appeal.
And no one's asked for a Bud yet!

I think I'm going to experiment a little with some fresh rosemary in the
next batch, in place of some/all of the ginger... we'll see how it goes!


Original recipe from a 'recipe of the month' postcard from:
Beer & Wine Hobby, 180 New Boston St; Rear, Woburn, MA 01801-6206
(617) 933-8818 - (800) 523-5423 - Fax (617) 662-0772

No, I don't own stock, etc... but I figure I owe them something ;-)

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