From the HBD Archive
From: (donald oconnor)
Subject: yeast debate
Date: 1992-03-09 16:42:57 GMT

from today's posts on the digest, i gather that most people now
accept the merits of liquid yeast vs dry. there are a diminishing few
such as jack who are still burning the torch for dry. most of his
posting today was of the "Is too! Is not!" variety. There was
one argument he made though that I've heard quite often that i'll
address. Jack points out that home bread makers and some bakeries
use dry bread yeast. this is true. however, the best bakeries (e.g.
those fancy-pants french places) do not. well-trained pastry chefs
do not use dry yeast from the store. they buy and culture their own
yeast for the same reasons that we use liquid yeasts, quality.

jeff franes flame of jack last week was a bit much and i wrote him
privately to express that. however, the spanking he took on the
digest the following day seemed a bit much and at the risk of offending
some, a bit sanctimonious. to many referress will slow the game to a

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