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Subject: Judging Criteria - liquid yeast.
Date: 1992-03-10 15:15:00 GMT

Jack S. wrote:

>It is also quite posible that judges are so tuned to the taste of Wyeast that
>they look for it and reject others. If it is used as a standard for judging,
>the results will be skewed.

Jack, the judging of amateur beers is to compare them against commercial
standards. And, as there are many different strains from Wyeast and other
labs, attunement isn't the issue. Next week, Goose Island will begin
accepting beers for the national competition. Why not take a few of your
beers there and enter 'em? Then, should you win, you'll have done it with
Edme dry yeast. Now, can we put this issue to rest for a few months?

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Josh Grosse (apprentice judge)
Amdahl Corp. 313-358-4440
Southfield, Michigan

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